VGA to HDMI adaptor UNT with audio integration

  • R399.00


VGA to HDMI adaptor UNT with audio integration

High quality VGA to HDMI Adapter, Allows you to convert VGA output from most PCs and laptops to your HDTV., You need to connect both video and audio signals from your computer to your TV., Great to share your video/audio/data from computers or old-styled notebooks, desktops, laptops that has only VGA ports to any HDMI-equipped devices like HDTV, monitors, displayer for big screen viewing


  • VGA to HDMI converter cable with audio
  • Convert your laptop/desktop or set-top box VGA output to HDMI with this converter cable, and view on HDTV or projector
  • VGA to HDMI - Audio jack
  • Suitable for connections from Windows and MAC OS PC`s
  • Max 1080p output

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